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Welcome to my Sweete blog!

You are here, and now you can enjoy my blog. Here you can peruse my FABulous blog thoughts. From deep introspection to tips and tricks for writers and authors, to book reviews for my favorite books—it's all about you and me and blogging makes three! Where are my gazillion older blog posts? Such good questions you ask! They're safely tucked away in a folder on my computer awaiting the day I gather them into a fine and funny resource we writers call a book. If you missed them back when I was spending a fortune in cash and time fiddling around with WordPress, hang in there, as the book is coming soon—now that I have the cash and time thanks to Wix, that fine line between cheap and stylishly frugal. As an author, I am busy writing books. As an editor, I am busy helping other authors. As a teacher, I am busy facilitating writers' workshops. As a marketer, I am busy, busy, busy. But I'm never too busy for YOU! So let's get busy blogging . . .


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Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice – a legal sentence written in rhyming verse? It occurs to me that we humans have this bizarre ability to take any person,...


I have been transformed. It was a Christmas of Miracles. It was my maiden voyage with Mr. Claus for an Arizona Christmas to visit with...

Book Review - I'll Be There to Write the Story

Who has never had the experience of loving someone near and dear with whom conflict was a part of the relationship, only to part with them -

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