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A little birdie told me I could share my Twitter feed with you, so you should see it here. If you don't, then just click on birdie to perch in the right place!

Hi! How awe ya?

Wh-o-oo am I? I'm Jennifer Sweete! I drink my coffee black and rarely. My tea drawer is an herbalist's dream come true. Chocolate brings out my super powers. And cats and hats are among my favorite things.


I love to read, write, and dream, and am officially an Indie author and award-winning blogger, mostly because it's easier to tell a story once and be able to later reference its printed pages for facts that may help me remember how it goes.

Debuting in the Self-Help genre, this esoteric author (that be me) has neatly tucked all of the basic building blocks to self-mastery between the pocket-size pages of Dear Sandy: The letter that wrote itself into a Book.

For a glimpse into what this spooky-kooky author is made of, I kindly laid my soul bare regarding my  personal healing journey from weeping young widow to wiser, seasoned woman, in my humorous, yet deeply moving memoir, The Poet and The Widow. It moved me, anyway, clear across the country, actually. But that is another story for another time.


Presently, I am working on my partly fact, partly fiction humorous take on the new millennium, as well as a #scifi novel wherein planet Earth’s main character . . . well, we can’t spill all the beans now, can we?

As an impressionable child, I was told by my mother never to put anything in writing that I wouldn't want to see on the front page of the New York Times. One broken nose and a burned diary later, I discovered a river of writing still flowing in my ET veins - and - that it was time to upgrade my Judo skills. I have honored both callings, though still awaiting contact from the New York Times.


Raised by an English major has gifted me with perfectionist editing skills. Dyslexia has gifted me with triple-and-quadruple-checking powers, epecially when chocolate is involved. Although my focus is on writing my own books, I also grow and glow when helping others discover and attain their writing and publishing dreams.

My periodicals have appeared in a variety of publications worldwide, and my music productions are available on CD and mp3.  At present, I am serving my 5th term as President of Colorado's Writer’s Exchange, helping others explore and practice writing for fun and education. I also create my own classes and workshops for aspiring writers looking to improve their writing skills and/or get clear about their publishing and marketing goals.

Whether you’re a writer or reader, I offer personal coaching for Writing, Self-Publishing, Social Media Marketing, and Self-Mastery. There’s no time like the present to get present, and perhaps even write about it! My clients come from all over the world through the vast Universe via video conferencing. It's virtually the next best thing to being here . . . although, you'll have to supply your own chocolate.


A mountain girl at heart, I thoroughly enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, gardening, painting, knitting, listening to happy and soothing music, reading, writing, and dreaming in the snowcapped Rocky Mountains. Most of all, I love hugs from my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, while traversing this wild, wooly world with my fun-loving fisherman!

Are you a writer looking for some quick tips or more in-depth assistance? Join me online for a free introductory session, and learn how to improve your writing skills, the kewlest editing and layout methods ever, the easy routes to self-publishing, and master the tricks of self-marketing your masterpieces! Need help with proofreading? Cover design? Or maybe you just want to change your entire life with some Self-Mastery skills! Contact me with your questions and let's get you inspired!

I'm right here with all this good stuff to share with you, here with my trusty pen in hand, reading, writing, and dreaming, or helping a past, present, or future author along their journey toward Sweete Success! Let me know how I can help you!



I love being a Great-Gramma!

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