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You are here, and now you can exhale. Where storytellers transform into writers, writers transform into authors, and readers can join in the fun, too, through books, book reviews, workshops, music, and videos. Check out the books I've authored and the services I provide for aspiring writers and authors, a la carte services for writing, editing, layout, cover design, publishing, and marketing your books. Keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the literary world, and discover how you can become a successful author and have FUN publishing and marketing in the Real "Boots on the Ground" World as well as the Virtual Internet World. Whether your book is still rolling around in your head and heart in idea form, in draft form or full manuscript, or already published, there's still so much to do! I'm here to help you design and implement your own personal plan, bring smiles and laughter to your literary journey, and celebrate your dreams fulfilled! Peruse my website and contact me soon . . .


Yeah, I'm Feelin' the Fire - YouTube pirated my music and monetized it for themselves, but lemons into lemonade - let's make the best of it and listen FREE to "Feel the Fire"

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