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Singing Down Memory Lane …
I tell my grandson I was once young – he chuckles. We’re driving down the road and I ask him to pick an album on the ipod for us to listen to. He presses the button and out of the speakers comes a voice I remember … the voice of my thirties … the voice of the transformation of a lifetime … the voice of the Metamorphosis of a Nature’s Girl Skinny Dippin’ in a Hurricane


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​Metamorphosis – transformation in four-part harmony … affirmations in song … how to spend an inheritance in eight short months in a recording studio … driving home from an all-night recording session at four in the morning with Orion to guide me … melting in a cocoon while living a double life … recording a dream in musical notes … choosing integrity over the casting couch industry … trying to hang onto sanity while burying a brother … identity crisis becoming a blessing … starting with a blank canvas … unlocking the door to an empty room waiting to be filled with an unknown future … buying walkmans (yes, walkmans – google it) for my children to spare them my hundreds of practice hours on the piano and violin … learning how to work a drum machine … giving myself permission to believe in a lifelong dream … giving myself permission to stop believing in a lifelong dream … forgiving an old life in exchange for living a new life … learning to meditate for the first time … learning not to take constructive criticism personally … learning to walk my talk … putting on my Gossamer Wings and stepping onto the Red Road …


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Skinny Dippin’ In a Hurricane – story of my life summed up in an album title named by my mother … composed for all the beaten, bruised and battered women in the world ever to feel disempowered, lost, and alone … the mistakes we’ve made, the pain we’ve endured, the hurt we’ve dragged ourselves and the people that truly love us through … the truth, the lies, the godless places and people we’ve seen and been … the shame, the blame, the whole rigged game … the tears and fears and years that scar our faces, bodies, and souls … AND FINALLY, the rebirth of our inner strength, hope, and faith … like the commanding sword in the hand of the Lady in the Lake – rising to a new day, a new life … the breath of a new beginning within and without … patience and fortitude, new direction, clear perspective … owning up … written, recorded, released, and publicized for Domestic Violence Awareness Week in Denver, Colorado 2000 … seven bands together for a benefit concert to raise awareness, financial support, food, clothing, and hope for those brave, beautiful women and children on the stairway to freedom … what a life, what a time, what a renewal, what a lesson … on the chess board of life, the piece with the most power has the most to lose … long live the Queen …


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Nature’s Girl – party in the Bahamas in between a third degree sunburn and a huff-and-puff-and-blow-your-house-down hurricane … memories of playing with dolphins in turquoise water, a mama dolphin bringing her nursing pup to circle me together in a dizzying swirl of love and peace that would heal even the most broken heart … watching the hilarious looks from passerbys while strolling the island marketplace screeching loudly to Alanis Morissettes’s Jagged Little Pill with my ipod headphones on … winning the limbo contest during the Friday night reggae-rave being held in the middle of the main road … a particular spaghetti dinner party on the yacht that included several boxes of cheap Chardonnay and laughter that bordered on hysteria and several changes of underwear … something about whipped cream and toes in the kitchen during the clean-up phase … leaving the starry-eyed yacht captain on the dock and flying back to the Rockies with a song in my head about a girl that never wanted to leave the islands … de-boarding the plane in a state of shock – you know how when your body gets used to being warm and a bikini is your full-time attire and then you step into a zero degree wind streaking snowflakes disguised as armor-piercing ice darts at your bare, sunburned face … the discovery that, yes, it’s true, I am a Nature’s Girl …

Girl & Guitar

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Video pics taken along Rocky Mountain roads through Colorado in 2011. Music, lyrics, and video message by Yours Truly. Gotta love me to put up with me.



"I love that the message is so awesomely politically incorrect."


"We've come such a long way from reality that we seem to have virtually misplaced our collective minds."


"The rightness is a tad disturbing, but great song!"

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