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Learn the art of writing smart! Wherever you are, that's where we'll start! Remember, this is FUN! It's a work of Heart! Let's get together and get you inspired! You retain the copyright to your final product. Contact me today!


Spring flower of an apple tree in retro

I do all my book layouts in MS Word and convert your final version to print-ready Adobe PDF. Whether we are editing your book together or your manuscript is already edited, proofread, and ready to rock'n'roll, via video-conferencing screen-sharing, we choose fonts and other layout features together. Once you're lovin' the layout, I work my magic through the whole book, front to back! Then, you smile a lot!


Spring flower of an apple tree in retro

I edit with you via video-conferencing. You send me your manuscript in either MS Word or Adobe PDF and I screen-share it with you as I read it to you as a reader would see and hear it. We edit together for the perfect blend of my skills with your heart and voice! You retain the copyright to the final product. Let's get started!


Spring flower of an apple tree in retro

When we connect through your book, your vision of colors, fonts, images, and titles flow into my graphics arts pen. Video-conferencing screen-sharing allows me to sketch your ideas as you watch and co-create! You may wish to try two or three different ideas, but you only pay for the one you choose. You retain the copyright to the final product. Bring your imagination!


Cover Design
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Keep It Simple Sweetie! KDP is the place to be since we all know Amazon is taking over the world and we want the world to buy your book! Via video-conferencing screen-sharing, I take you through the setup steps to publish paperback and/or eBook, create your Amazon Author Page, and learn how to market your book through Amazon and other Expanded Distribution retail outlets. Let's PUBLISH!


Spring flower of an apple tree in retro

Have you read DEAR SANDY? Want to delve deeper? Join me for a one-on-one session via video-conferencing. Monthly plans for individual or group sessions are available. Giving the gift of transformation!


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GROW YOUR FOLLOWING! Book launches, email lists, social media and other media marketing opportunities abound! Learn how to "work the system" or hire someone (like me) to work it for you. Sweete weekly marketing management plans are available. Contact me for more info.


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Nothing is impossible for the resourceful soul! I can either teach you or I can point you to someone trustworthy who can. Individual or group classes are available. Learn, grow, expand your horizons! Questions?


Testimonials AA

"Jennifer Sweete has assisted me with the writing, editing, layout, cover design, publishing, and marketing phases of the two books I have published so far, and we are working on a third. She has the patience of a saint and the education, experience, resourcefulness, and wisdom needed to guide anyone through any of the many steps from writing to publishing and marketing. She also helps me with growing my internet following, social media marketing, interviewers, and book reviewers, and has built and maintains my website. Plus, she's my IT person! She's an All-in-One or A la Carte assistant and a wealth of information. Blessings be!"

 - John Pollock, Spiritual Healer and Author of the Bringing in the Light series, Colorado

"Working with Jennifer has been beyond helpful. Her expertise has assisted immensely in publishing my first book and preparing my second book for publishing. She has been instrumental in this process and I could not have done it without her."

 - Rebecca Hinds, Author of Mountain Safety for Kids, Colorado

"I would like to give all you budding writers an opportunity to stretch muscles you may not be so sure you have. If you think you have something to say to the world, but are not quite sure how to pull it all together and head it in one deliberate direction, then I must give you a piece of firsthand knowledge I acquired over a very fulfilling year. Jennifer Sweete is going to work your writing muscles. Jen will help you take your words, beat the fluff out of them and shape them into the story you mean to tell. When you have your time with her, be prepared, as there is no coasting, but when she takes you to the top of the hill the view is exceptional! She knows when and how to praise. She knows when and how to truly listen. Working with Jen, you will become the very best writer you can be. When you and Jen have completed your journey, you will have no doubt it was time and money well spent. Be prepared to feel a bit sad at journey's end, as you will find yourself wanting more time with her. She'll have you thinking about your next book even as you are enjoying the one you just completed."

 - Diane Ferguson, US Navy Veteran, Ret. Sheriff's Deputy, Author of Undertow, Illinois


"I am a published author and a self-published author. While the first choice is easier, it has its drawbacks: a LOT of my time locating a publisher and the necessity of using their time frame to get my book published, not to mention that a publisher has the rights to your book. The idea of self-publishing was frightening, until I talked with Jen. She periodically reminded me that self-publishing was like eating an elephant, 'one bite at a time.' Her patience throughout the entire process was limitless. Her knowledge of editing and tweaking 'while keeping my book my book' was inexhaustible. Keeping me informed as well as comfortable through each step of the self-publishing journey was a blessing, and her sincere acknowledgement of my writing talent was priceless! Would I use her services again? Absolutely. No matter what type of a book you are writing or have written (but tucked it away in the back of the drawer because you don't know what to do with it), I suggest you talk with Jen. She is blessed with many writing, editing, and artistic talents, and can assist you on your publishing journey no matter where you are on the path."

 - Miss Dee, Author of Me, Myself & Intuition, From Fire to Flight, and more, Colorado

"I was purposely searching for an editor to work with throughout the publishing process of my memoir. When I explained what I wanted to accomplish, an old friend recommended Jennifer Sweete to me. When we began editing my book, it became even more a labor in love. The time Ms. Sweete took with me via video conferencing across the miles, was essential to the success of an, at times, emotionally charged process. I can proudly say my editor was with me in every way. She managed to pull thoughts and memories out of me in ways that surprised me. Working online went smoothly and we were able to accomplish what needed to be done each week. Jennifer helped me expand my horizons and grow through what were sometimes gut-wrenching memories. I will always be grateful for her guidance and incredible knowledge of the editing, publishing, and marketing worlds."

 - Doris Clark, Artist and Author of Rowing My Boat Ashore, Illinois

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